Your dog will be exercised twice daily come rain or shine.

The kennels are situated in 220 acres of their own grounds, which include large open fields, woodland, rivers and lakes, so as you might expect exercise is varied and considerable and will suit all abilities.

It is the kennel policy to exercise dogs together and off the lead, so if they're feeling energetic and want to race around like mad things they can! Or if they like water and want a dip in the river or lake en route then they're free to do so. Or perhaps they're old and a steady plod following me is more their cup of tea or perhaps I should say juicy bone !!

I'm the Pied Piper and they all follow ( or lead ! ) at whatever pace they choose !

Dogs are kept on lead until they are familiar with their surroundings, but, after the walk, they will still get an opportunity to run free in our large, fenced paddocks.