The kennel block was built in 2003 to my own specifications and comes up to all the latest licence requirements.

The building is split up into 20 individual kennels.

Each kennel has an indoor run (heated if required) measuring 5'x8' and an outdoor run (but covered) measuring 5'x12', both of which dogs have access to at all times.

I would recommend, if you choose to use the kennels, that you bring your own basket, bedding etc. This can of course be supplied, but I think if your dog has something familiar, it will make for a more pleasant stay. Feeding bowls will be provided.

It is said that, when choosing boarding kennels for your dog, if, when you walk into the building you can smell dogs, don't use it.....Lucky they didn't mention muddy footprints too!!  I seem to spend my life chasing them!!