Q. Should I bring toys for my dog?

A. Dogs rarely play with them because there is so much else going on of interest. Toys also sometimes  get lost because they are carried out on walks and end up floating down the river or lost in the grass!

Q. Does my dog need a collar?

A. Yes, your dog must have a collar that fits properly. When your dog is new to the kennels I will need a collar to walk him/her by, until he/she can be trusted off lead. Collars are also useful handles should the need arise!

Q. Do I need to bring my dog's lead?

A. No. Leads are provided should they be needed.

Q. Do I need to bring something for my dog to lie on?

A. I can provide bedding, but I recommend you bring with you some that is familiar to your dog. This can make it easier for them to settle.

Q. Do I need to bring my dog's vaccination certificate for every stay?

A. Yes!........I know it's a pain but I have to have a certificate to cover every dog in the kennels should I have an inspection.

Q. What vaccinations does my dog need?

A. Your dog will require the normal all in one jab which covers things like Distemper, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis and Hepatitis. This needs renewing every 12 months . There is also a separate vaccine to cover Bordetella Bronchiseptica (kennel cough). This is  optional but would be advisable if your dog is a puppy ,very old or ill. Some years kennel cough can be very prevalent and because it easily spreads when dogs come in contact with each other it would be prudent to have them vaccinated. This vaccine also has to be renewed every 12 months.

Q. Do I need to bring food?

A. I feed a high quality low protein chicken and rice mixer but if you would like to bring your dog's normal food please feel free.

Q. Can I bring frozen food?

A. Yes, as long as it is packaged in individual meals and pre-cooked.

Q. Do I need to bring bowls?

 A. No. Feeding and water bowls will be provided.

Q. Can I bring a dried "hide chew" for my dog?

A. I will request that you don't bring them. Dogs sometimes chew them until they are soft and then try to swallow them whole and end up choking on them.

Q. What form of payment do you accept?

A. I accept cheque or cash only.

Q. Do you allow any breed of dogs?

A. Yes all breeds except Staffordshire bull terriers and related breeds.